Focus is two movies for the price of one. You get a sparkling, sexy comedy and its lackluster, dispiriting sequel, both in the same sitting. I enjoyed the first half of this picture as much as anything I’ve seen in a while. Alas, then the film jumps ahead three years, and that’s when Romancing the Stone becomes The Jewel of the Nile.” – Movie Mezzanine, 02/27/2015



“A micro-budget labor of love for Pacino and his pals, the film was shot incrementally in twenty days over the course of three months, mostly in the director’s own house. Screenwriters Buck Henry and Michel Zebede have stripped away the ickier elements of Philip Roth’s dirty-old-man fantasy while ramping up the droll, dark comedy of indignity at its core.” – Movie Mezzanine, 02/05/2015