“A pointless but not unentertaining diversion, Terminator Genisys exists for the same reason a dog licks his balls: because it can. The rights became available and lord knows Arnold could use a hit now that his post-gubernatorial comeback petered out. It’s not a bad night out at the movies, for the most part playful and accepting of its own absurdity.” – Movie Mezzanine, 07/01/2015


Big Game 5

Big Game looks a bit threadbare compared to the bygone blockbusters it’s attempting to emulate. But so much of today’s big-ticket filmmaking is designed to pummel you into submission that Helander’s scrappy chutzpah feels kinda soothing. I had a really good time watching this movie, remembering the simple pleasures of a goofy, ripping yarn.” – Movie Mezzanine, 06/26/2015


“Off his rocker after a decades-ago close encounter with a grizzly, Thornton sinks his teeth into the Captain Quint role and chews up portentous Herzog knock-off monologues about the cruelty of nature. He’s always wearing a cowboy duster and travels everywhere with a large white stallion at his side, cutting an absurd figure the actor appears to relish.” – Movie Mezzanine, 06/25/2015