The Water Diviner

“A brawny historical melodrama with a twinge of magic realism amongst the oft-conflicting tones, what the movie lacks in discipline and polish it makes up for in sheer sincerity. The Water Diviner is a proudly old-fashioned, genuinely heartfelt picture so damned earnest that Crowe seems to be all but daring you not to like it. I liked it a lot.” – Movie Mezzanine, 04/22/2015


Misery Loves Comedy

“There was a time when this might have felt perhaps not quite as exhausted as it does during this particular moment in pop culture. With the surfeit of podcasts, chat shows, and tell-all autobiographies, comedians seem to spend more time these days pontificating on the existential dilemmas of being comedians than actually telling jokes.” – Movie Mezzanine, 04/20/2015


Clouds Of Sils Maria

“A slippery, enigmatic and altogether mesmerizing film about the passage of time, and the way our ideas about art evolve according to our life experiences. It’s a movie you’ll find yourself turning over in your mind for quite some time after the closing credits roll, marinating in the heady swirl of ideas and defiantly unresolved resolutions.” – WBUR’s The ARTery, 04/17/2015



“As Plummer explains, ‘He’s got a good heart. It’s just up his ass most of the time.’ I laughed a lot during Danny Collins and I cried a little bit, too. This is a hugely entertaining, mainstream crowd-pleaser about how we can all try to be our better selves, fail spectacularly, and then pick ourselves up and try again. Baby steps.” – Movie Mezzanine 04/08/2015