“Jeremy Renner is, at heart, a weirdo character actor whose live-wire performance in The Hurt Locker resulted in Hollywood mistakenly shoving him into leading man parts for which he’s ill-equipped. Whether flinging arrows as the lamest Avenger or starring as The Bourne Lazenby, he feels strait-jacketed in straight roles.” – North Shore Movies, 10/15/2014


Listen Up Philip 3

“Writer-director Alex Ross Perry’s Listen Up Philip is a rueful, remarkable film about how success can still feel like defeat. I first saw it at Sundance back in January and haven’t shut up about it since. It’s funny as hell, but funny in that way where the laughs catch in your throat. A literary cousin to Llewyn Davis, Philip finds the melancholy in misanthropy.” – Movie Mezzanine, 10/13/2014


Left Behind

“Cage bottoms out big-time with this chintzy reboot of a Christian movie franchise that previously starred noted Stephen Hawking-debunker and evangelical pest Kirk Cameron. Left Behind has the flimsy sets and tinny synthesizer score (not to mention the character names) of a 1980’s porn flick. and Nic’s embarrassment comes through in his performance.” – North Shore Movies, 10/05/2014