8 1/2


“Guido screws his annoying mistress and hides from his financiers, drifting away mid-conversation into baroque childhood reveries, mostly sexual in nature. The entire time, hundreds labor away building the set for his still-unwritten opus – a giant phallic spaceship that’s going nowhere. Yes, the central visual metaphor here is an enormous, useless cock.” – Movie Mezzanine, 08/06/2014



“What follows is McDonagh’s rotted-out take on the Stations of the Cross, explicitly positioned in the wake of the Catholic Church’s molestation cover-ups and the Wall Street financial crisis, with Gleeson tending to his broke, wildly dysfunctional flock as he slouches towards Golgotha. Calvary is a strange film, often hilarious but always heavy and forlorn.” – Movie Mezzanine, 08/06/2014